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Katharina Hülsmann M.A.

Katharina Hülsmann© Katharina Hülsmann

Doctoral researcher

Katharina Hülsmann M.A.


Katharina Hülsmann completed her PhD in Modern Japanese Studies at Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf in 2021. She was a PhD scholarship student at the German Institute for Japanese Studies, Tokyo in 2017, completing field work for her thesis on Japanese fan-comics. From 2021 to 2023 she was a lecturer and research associate at the department of Japanese Studies at the university of Cologne where she examined manga from the Occupation Period (DFG-funded research project ‘Articulations of the Nuclear’). Since 2023 she is employed at Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf in the project “Comicforschung.nrw”.

Research Interests

  • Japanese Popular Culture (with a focus on manga)
  • Nuclear Colonialism
  • Transcultural Fandom
  • Autobiographical Comics
  • Representations of Gender, Sexualities and Mental Health


2024: edited with Prof. Stephan Köhn Articulations of the Nuclear – Postwar Japan under the Spell of the Atomic Age. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz. (in print)

2024: edited with icon (interdisciplinary comics research network HHU) SeitenArchitekturen – Architektur und Raum im Comic [Architectures of the Page – Architecture and Space in Comics] Berlin: DeGruyter. (in print)

2024: “Depictions of the Nuclear in Children’s Manga from the Occupation Period”. In: Köhn, Stephan; Hülsmann, Katharina (eds.) (2024): Articulations of the Nuclear – Postwar Japan under the Spell of the Atomic Age. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz. (in print)

2024: “Krisen-Zeichnungen: Gender und Depression in Essay Manga von Hosokawa Tenten und Nagata Kabi” [Drawings of Crisis – Gender and Depression in Essay Manga by Hosokawa Tenten and Nagata Kabi] (together with Dr. Elisabeth Scherer). In: Sina, Véronique; Beckmann, Anna; Kupczyńska, Kalina; Schröer, Marie (eds.) (2024): Comics und Intersektionalität. Berlin: DeGruyter (in print).

2024: “Der Verlust des privaten Raumes in Itō Junjis The Town Without Streets”. [The loss of private space in Itō Junji’s The Town Without Streets] In: icon: SeitenArchitekturen – Architektur und Raum im Comic. Berlin: DeGruyter. (in print).

2022: “The Traveling Disney Bear ‘Duffy’ and His Surprising Popularity in Japan” (together with Dr. Timo Thelen). In: Mittermeier, Sabrina (ed.): Fan Phenomena: Disney. Bristol: Intellect Publishing, pp. 168–178.

2020: “Navigating the spreadability of the Japanese fan comic: Protective practices in the dōjinshi community”. In: Participations Journal of Audience and Reception Studies, Vol. 17, Nr. 2 (2020), pp. 274–302.

2020: “Negotiating the ethics of gathering research data in a subcultural context”. In: Kottmann, Nora; Reiher, Cornelia (Eds.): Studying Japan – Handbook of Research Designs, Fieldwork and Methods. Baden-Baden: Nomos Verlag 2020, pp. 310–312.

2016: „Japanische dōjinshi zwischen transkulturellem Fandom und lokalen Eigenheiten“ [Japanese dōjinshi between transcultural fandom and local peculiarities]. In: Schönbein, Martina und Stein, Juliane (Hg.) KJ Facetten 3: Fankultur (in Druck).

2016: „Jenseits von Dichotomien – Diversifikation von Männlichkeitskonstruktionen in Boys’-Love-dōjinshi“. [Beyond dichotomies: Diversification of constructs of masculinities in Boys’-Love-dōjinshi] In: Mae, Michiko; Scherer, Elisabeth, Hülsmann, Katharina (Hg.) (2015): Japanische Populärkultur und Gender – Ein Studienbuch. Wiesbaden: Springer VS, S. 179–206.

2015: „Kokkuri-san trifft Bloody Mary: Unheimliche folkloristische Praktiken als transkulturelles Motiv“[Kokkuri-san meets Bloody Mary: Uncanny folkloristic practices as a transcultural motif]. In: Japan-Pop without Borders? Transkulturalität und Subkulturen in der japanischen Popkultur. Düsseldorf: dup, S. 213–234.

2011: „Der Raum als Mutterschoß: Silent Hill 4 und das hikikomori-Phänomen“ [The room as a womb: Silent Hill 4 and the hikikomori phenomenon]. In: Japan-Pop Revolution – Neue Trends der japanischen Gesellschaft reflektiert in der Popkultur. Düsseldorf: dup, S. 43–59.


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